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Waterjet is PERFECT for Architectural Applications

Waterjet technology at Perfect Edge is ideal for a variety of architectural applications. Be it for signage, artistic expression, design elements or detailed architectural elements, Perfect Edge has experience in multiple substrates to cut nearly any design. What better way to promote a distinct theme or business motto, for restaurants to parking lots, for outdoor signage to entry gates, for flooring to institutional logos!

Perfect Edge can cut your design into any one of different substrates:
  • marble, ceramic, porcelain
  • carpet
  • plastics, lexan, acrylics
  • metals
  • corian
  • glass
  • rubber
  • composite materials
  • and many others...

PERFECT EDGE - Waterjet Capabilities for the Most Detailed Project

Waterjet cutting is a great technology for cutting highly detailed projects. Because it uses cold water, there is no worry about heat distortion or mechanical stresses to the finshed parts. Subsequent parts finishing is generally not needed, eliminating the need for secondary operations.

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