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Imagine the exquisite details of your design, logo or coat of arms made of solid stone inlaid into your floor! Radius work is a specialty of Perfect Edge. Flooring jobs range from inlays to an entire commercial flooring project, such as a mall.

Perfect Edge can cut granite, marble, tile, carpet or vinyl inlays customized to your design and specifications. Simply provide your drawing to our staff along with dimensional requirements of the project.

Waterjet is a cold water cutting process, so there will be no or minimal finishing work necessary for your flooring inlays. Composites will not delaminate and thermally sensitive materials will not be damaged.

So why not consider a dramatic design element for your next flooring project!

Steps to Having a Floor Inlay Cut:

  1. A drawing or file and materials information is submitted to Perfect Edge for quotation and review.
  2. Once the quotation is approved by the customer, a customer PO is submitted; tile materials are shipped to Perfect Edge.
  3. Perfect Edge makes a detailed drawing and electronically submits the drawing to the customer for approval.
  4. After approval, production begins.
  5. At the end of the production, the tile pieces are assembled and a digital photograph is taken and sent to the customer.
  6. The tile inlay pieces are disassembled and crated, along with an installation diagram.
  7. The installation diagram (see sample to right) is also sent as a PDF document to the customer.

Some Flooring Inlays in Various Materials by Perfect Edge:


Trinity School  Ga Lung Assoc logo  flower compass  emory carpet    bomb ordnance logo


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